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Welcome to FOSIS Midlands!

Representing and serving ISocs and Muslim students in the Midlands! Keep your eyes open for the brilliant up and coming events from training to speaker tours to tarbiyyah projects and much more!  

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If you would like to advertise the events your Islamic Society organises, then get in touch! The website is a fabulous way to publicise your events; just send the event details and poster along with your name, contact details and Isoc to and watch it...

  • Welcome to FOSIS Midlands!

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Charity Week Tour 2010 - Sheikh Navaid Aziz

Four Talks: One Awesome Message

Sh. Navaid Aziz is one of the latest additions to Al Maghrib's fantastic collection of instructors. He studied at the Islamic University of Madinah for three years and is planning to complete a masters degree in either Arabic or Religious Studies inshaAllah.

He'll be touring 4 universities this Charity Week inshaAllah, delivering meaningful talks on charity and how Islam is the investment of a lifetime. So invest now brothers and sisters and don't miss out on one of his talks! Remember to pass the message on!

The Shaykh will be visiting:

COVENTRY UNIVERSITY - 'Invest Now...Make 700% Return' - Alan Berry Building @ 5PM

LEICESTER UNIVERSITY - 'Invest Now...Cash In Tomorrow' - Ken Edwards LT @6pm

ASTON UNIVERISITY - 'Charity - A Reflection of Faith' - Main Building Room MB518 @2pm

BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY - 'The Everlasting Deed' - Venue (TBC) - @ 4pm


Charity Week Madness!


FOSIS Midlands have recently reported widespread madness across the region as it seems to have been hit by the CW bug! ISocs have been left in a frantic bid to raise as much money as they can in one week for Orphans and Needy Children around the world.

From climbing mountains to baking cakes, from film nights to pampering sessions ISocs are doing it all, competing to be the ISoc that raises the most!

Last years reigning ISoc was Nottingham University with a massive £14,750 mashaAllah.

Can your ISoc top that this year?




FOSIS Midlands is proud to present Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam and Shaykh Abu Muntasir who will be touring the Midlands over the next couple of weeks inshaAllah. Join us at any of the ISocs for a 'A Freshers Perspective' from the 4th to the 15th of October.
Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam will be visiting Wolverhampton, Nottingham and Cambridge inshaAllah.
Abu Mutasir will be visiting Wolverhampton, Staffordshire and WQEIC inshaAllah.
For more info just click here


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